Sharing success with a client is always a great thing, but this one was particular for us. ATOZ Luxembourg, a tax advisory firm located in the financial hub Luxembourg reached out to us as they planned their annual press-conference. Covid19 prevented them from holding the press-conference entirely in-person, instead, it was clear that ATOZ would switch to hybrid this year using Boothted. This collaboration resulted in a fantastic press-coverage.

Boothted as journalists saw it during the press-conference

Looking for software that could host the event and live up to all of their expectations ATOZ came to the conclusion that Boothted was providing exactly the features they needed:

  • Embedding a professional and branded live-stream
  • Providing interactions through chat and Q&A
  • Sharing downloadable documents with the journalists
  • Providing information about ATOZ
  • Corporate branding with the logo and colors of ATOZ
  • Instant replay right after the press-conference
  • Analytics about visitor-behavior

Boothted comes with all these features built-in and is still incredibly easy-to-use. We helped ATOZ to take the first steps, but after that, they configured their booth all by themselves literally within 15 minutes. The permalink was shared with the journalists and the booth opened half an hour before the press-conference kicked off. Journalists were required to register at the digital entrance so that ATOZ could keep track of who attended. At the same time, we arranged the branded live-stream with our sister-company ConferenceFilms by setting-up a multi-camera broadcast. The conference was streamed in HD to Youtube using Wirecast. The unlisted Youtube-stream was then embedded directly into Boothted.

Multi-cam streaming setup

We assisted ATOZ on-site during the press-conference, but frankly, they didn‘t really need our help to run boothted. All went just as planned in a super smooth way:

  • the journalists flocked in on time, some on-site, but the majority of them connected through Boothted
  • Keith O‘Donnell, managing partner at ATOZ kicked off his presentation and ran through the slides which we embedded directly into the live-stream while keeping Keith visible in a smaller window on the side. The stream was entirely branded to give the best possible brand awareness
  • At some point, journalists started adding their questions through the Q&A-section. Some of them were answered directly through Boothted while others where answered later-on during the Q&A session
  • Just as expected some journalists asked very specific questions using the person-to-person chat
Branded live-stream

After roughly 30 minutes the press-conference was over and the replay was instantly made available to both the journalists who attended virtually but also to those who attended in-person so that they could access at any moment all the information available on the booth even after the press-conference concluded.
Seeing the first articles appearing later that day on the newspaper websites was probably the biggest satisfaction for us: Boothted had efficiently helped to make a hybrid press-conference possible and created an incredible added value.
A huge thank you to everyone at ATOZ for their trust and the great collaboration.

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