Boothted is a modular solution for virtual events of various kinds. The smallest entity is one configurable booth which can be interconnected with additional booths to accommodate a variety of events such as webinars, press-conferences, workshops, virtual-conferences and more.
Luxembourg-based organization Lookum chose Boothted to host their webinar with Boothted and StreamYard.

Lookum hosts a series of webinars to connect experts in various fields with an audience composed of Turkish citizens living all over the world. Even though there’s no shortage of decent webinar-tools Boothted revealed to be the right solution for them.

Lookum Talks is live

The problem: Limitations of existing webinar-solutions

It was important for Lookum not only to host a webinar with a live-stream and a chat, but instead they wanted to go beyond this and provide their audience with a unique experience and generate leads.Existing webinar-solutions are quite limited when it comes to host a branded webinar, add information about the organization, provide downloadable resources or lead-generation oriented analytics.In addition most webinar-systems come with their own unbranded live-stream. This usually works fine, but adding a logo to the live-stream, banners, or overlays is usually a mission impossible.

The solution: Boothted and StreamYard

Creating a branded live-stream with StreamYard

Combining Boothted and StreamYard revealed to be the perfect solution for Lookum. Boothted comes with all the features Lookum needed to create an enhanced webinar. Having a company presentation visible came in handy, just as much as the possibility to create a playlist with various videos Lookum has produced in the past. Adding FAQ’s and a schedule for the webinar was another reason to choose Boothted. Lookum chose StreamYard to produce a branded live-stream of the webinar. Embedding the stream into Boothted is extremly easy. StreamYard creates a Youtube-stream which can be embedded into Boothted simply by pasting the Youtube-URL into Boothted.Lookum added various visual elements to the stream such as a live-ticker, name tags, various info-boxes and the logo to create a truly branded experience.

The outcome: a great webinar

Administrator-interface of Boothted

The result was a professional looking webinar with an international audience that actively participated in the webinar using the Q&A and chat features. Lookum appreciated the easy setup and administration of the booth and especially the possibility to clone an existing booth to setup the next webinar literally in minutes.

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