Trade-Show: iBuyBlack-Friday powered by Boothted

iBuyBlack.org is promoting top-rated black-owned businesses in the United States with a focus on Pennsylvania. To promote their businesses iBuyBlack organized an iBuyBlack-Friday special event. Due to the ongoing pandemic, the event had to be fully virtual and so the organizers chose Boothted to host not less than 30 vendor-booths. The modular concept of Boothted proved to be instrumental to the success of this event.

The pandemic proved to be a disaster for businesses. Brands and organizations try to find ways to get in front of their clients by using a virtual solution. But not every solution is suitable for every occasion. iBuyBlack.org reached out to us to host their Black-Friday sales. This year of course everything was different and it was clear that only a virtual solution could accommodate this event.

The challenge: visibility

The challenge was how to give a larger number of businesses adequate visibility. In addition, many of these vendors were not tech-savvy, so it had to be a system that was easy to deploy both for the vendors and for the audience. Not only should be all the participating vendors be featured within a compelling program but also should every vendor-booth be easily accessible at any moment. And of course, information about iBuyBlack had to be made available as well. That’s where Boothted came in.

The solution: multi-booth by Boothted

We provided the infrastructure with a main-booth featuring a day-long live-stream with interviews and specials and at the same time connected not less than 29 vendor booths, accessible right from the main-booth. Everything was set up in close collaboration with Jacqueline Taylor-Adams from Taylor-Adams Marketing who proved to be an amazing partner for Boothted. Her marketing skills and vision to provide amazing services to the community were an amazing help.

Jacqueline kept in contact with all the vendor booths and worked hard with them to activate their booths. For sure this was not always an easy task as many of them had never done anything virtual before. But thanks to Jacqueline’s skills and the easy-to-use interface of Boothted everything was set up for Black-Friday when the sales kicked off.


One of the key features which make Boothted interesting for vendors is Boothted’s lead-generation ability. Boothted is by design built to help to generate leads. There are various possibilities to interact with potential leads:

  • the branding makes sure that each booth is unique and perfectly adapted to the CI of the brand
  • every booth, including vendor-booths, allows the host to add a live-stream. This is the perfect possibility to get in front of the audience with a presentation, a workshop, or whatever might adequately highlight the products or services of the vendor
  • the “about-us” section gives an overview of the activity of the vendor
  • the person-to-person-chat provides an excellent opportunity to connect with prospects and to directly answer their questions
  • the Q&A and the FAQ’s helps to create content on the booth which is useful to the audience
  • detailed analytics help to retrace the activities on the booth and to reconnect with leads in a targeted way

Easy to use

The vendors were not necessarily tech-savvy people. Therefore it was of prime importance that Boothted was extremely easy not only to set up but to use. Many of our clients praise how intuitive it is and how fast one can set up a booth or even an entire event. This proved to be a big advantage in helping the local businesses shift from person-to-person to virtual. It simply felt less scary than most had imagined it would.The same applies as well for the visitors: each booth is easily accessible, fast, and intuitive to navigate and focuses on the brand rather than on useless gimmicks.


The event proved to be a huge success both for iBuyBlack.org as for their vendors. Even though nothing can beat real contact, we managed to create something new, something that truly leveraged the benefits of a virtual event.

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