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How to automate your Webinar with Boothted

FREE WEBINAR: Webinars are fantastic lead-generators. But they are time-consuming. All speakers have to be live at a given moment and perform at their best. Do they? Why not pre-record at least parts of the webinar and have it automated while still keeping it interacted? Spot on for Boothted and

We’ve all been there: you want to make this webinar, but the expert in your company is not keen on doing the webinar in the evening, yet your audience will most likely connect at a later hour. Luckily webinars can be scheduled and run at least semi-autonomous. Boothted and are a dream team to catch the attention of your audience (which are by definition precious leads).

Peter Poehle, CEO of Boothted runs you through the necessary steps to set up an automated webinar in just a few minutes.

About the speaker:

Peter Poehle,

Peter Poehle is a serial entrepreneur, running both Boothted and SponsorMyEvent as well as media65, a video-production company.

In 2020 Peter and his co-founder launched Boothted, a highly branded and modular platform for virtual and hybrid events and presentations.

Skilled in event-sponsorship strategies and virtual-event strategies, Peter consults event organizers with their strategy and technical implementation of their events.

Peter worked on a large number of event-related projects both in the European-Union, North- and South-America.

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