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Disaster Prevention for Virtual Events

FREE WEBINAR: What can go wrong goes wrong! Broken streams, bad audio & video, unprepared speakers and pets walking through the video. We all have seen things go wrong during virtual events. Time to speak about worst case strategies with Arvi Virdee from Smartec Business Solutions and Peter Poehle from Boothted.

Disasters are quite common for virtual events. While it’s relatively easy to overcome a failing microphone or even a power-shortage during a physical event, virtual events are much less forgiving and disasters become all of a sudden very visible. The good news is: many disasters can be prevented by applying an appropriate worst case strategy.

The webinar takes place on Thursday, March 4, 2021:

  • 7am PT
  • 10am ET
  • 3pm GMT
  • 4pm CET
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About the speakers:

Arvi is an experienced thought leader who delivers strategic business transformations for meetings and events agencies, technology providers and event organisers.

His projects range from outsourced event registration services, through business process reviews to global Strategic Meetings Management Program implementations (SMMP). A qualified GDPR practitioner who incorporates data protection principles into all engagements.

Arvi has delivered a number of virtual events over the past year, both as an organizer and participant.

Peter is a serial entrepreneur, running both Boothted and SponsorMyEvent as well as a video-production company.

Skilled in event-sponsorship strategies and virtual-event strategies, he consults event-organizers with their strategy and technical implementation of their events.

Peter worked on a large number of event-related projects both in the European-Union, North- and South-America.

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