Make a lasting impression in a virtual meeting

Free Webinar: Imagine being in a meeting with 6 other people. How would it be to be the one who stands out with a pristine camera setup, outstanding light and brilliant sound? Wouldn’t you want to be the one who will be not only be remembered because of what you say but as well because of your appearance? Time to outshine your competition with a few simple tweaks.

Using your laptop webcam and no light and especially the built-in microphones won’t produce great results, trust me. The good news is: it’s not very difficult (and costly) to dramatically improve your appearance on a webcam.

Peter Pöhle has 20 years of experience in video production, is a serial entrepreneur and co-founded an end-to-end customer engagement platform.

About the speaker:

Peter Poehle,

Peter Poehle is a serial entrepreneur, running both Boothted and SponsorMyEvent as well as media65, a video-production company.

In 2020 Peter and his co-founder launched Boothted, a highly branded and modular platform for virtual and hybrid events and presentations.

Skilled in event-sponsorship strategies and virtual-event strategies, Peter consults event organizers with their strategy and technical implementation of their events.

Peter worked on a large number of event-related projects both in the European-Union, North- and South-America.

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